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'Peace' 7 Day glass holder with double- sided screen printed artwork available in gold yellow wax.

Discover the mesmerizing and kitsch world of 7 Day prayer candles, also known as 'novena velas,' serving as versatile tools for spiritual rituals and intention setting. With a variety of colors and designs, these ritual candles make thoughtful, personal gift’s suitable for a multitude of occasions. From birthdays to “just because” - not only can they open doors to new possibilities but to attract luck, love, success, money and protection. Use them to visualize your own goals and infuse a touch of magic back into life.

Designed to awaken your inner magic and aid in manifesting your intentions, these spell candles have a history rooted from traditional Latin American ‘botanica’ shops. Santeria and Voodoo purveyors have cherished candles like this deep in the South of the Americas and for good reason. Sacred Candles create energy that guide us towards abundance and our most inner desires and dreams - they serve as a channel to other worlds filled with serenity where we can turn off the outside noise, pause and embrace and release our intentions.

Peace candle is typically used to create harmony within yourself, in the home or love within the family. Lite to quiet tempers, dissolve tensions and calm nerves.


For Success ~ light the candle with intention. Imagine the light covering you in a refreshing, protective warmth. Visualize your goals, what does this look like? Imagine your briefcase and outfit as you walk into your new job or opportunity. Watch your new payslip enter your hands. Visualize yourself practicing the successful life you desire. Believe it!

For Love ~ Light the candle with intention. Imagine the light raining over you, keeping you safe and embraced. Focus on the flame whilst affirming your desire for love - visualize yourself connecting beautifully with this person and your magical life together. Trust in your manifestation!

Prosperity or Money Drawing ~ Burn the candle while visualizing abundance and financial opportunities coming your way.

In Memory ~ Light the candle with intention. As the flame grows, imagine a pathway connecting to your loved one. Visualize them and the positive impression they had on your life, wish them well on their next journey and feel their love for you in return.

For Peace or Health ~ Light the candle with intent. As you close your eyes, imagine the warmth of the candle covering you with a blanket. Let the light concentrate on the areas you're having problems, soothing them gently and nourishing them. Visualize your best, healthy self. thank your beautiful vessel for carrying you around this magical world.


Find a Safe Space ~ Just a safe space is enough, however if you would like to add a little extra intention or magic to your ritual you can create a simple altar, 'cleanse' or smudge your space using either crystals (we recommend amethyst, clear quartz or selenite) or burning natural incense such as Copal, Palo Santo or Sage.

Set Clear Intentions ~ Before lighting the candle, take a moment to reflect on your intentions. Visualize your goals and desires, focusing your energy and intention into the candle.

Clear Your Mind ~ Before igniting the candle, take a few moments to center yourself. Breathe deeply and let go of any distractions or negative thoughts. Create a calm and focused mindset.

Ignite the Flame ~ Use a long match or lighter to carefully light the candle's wick. As you do so, visualize the flame as a symbol of your intentions coming to life.

Maintain a Ritual Routine ~ Consider dedicating specific times each day to tend to the candle. This consistency helps reinforce your intentions and creates a sacred space for your rituals and for practicing self care.

What is ‘Dressing’ Candles ~ The act of ‘dressing’ or blessing a candle is to anoint it with essential oils, carve symbols into it, sprinkling top of candle with applicable herbs, or rolling candle in honey and herbs which in return adds extra power and intention to your candle. It is not essential- however is practiced in Wiccan, Voodoo and Santeria practices. Be careful of not adding too much oil or overload with herbs as this can cause a fire hazard.


Wick~ Ensure the wick is trimmed to a quarter of an inch to promote even burning. Then continue to trim your wick slightly down to 1/8 - 1/4 inches long each time before lighting for a brighter burn. This helps avoid burn marks on the glass and keeps your space free of soot and black smoke. Trimming a candle wick also can prolong the life of a candle by 24%.

1st Lighting the Candle ~ Allow new candles burn until the top surface is fully melted, which can take up to a few hours. This prevents wax tunneling and allows candles to burn evenly each time.

Safety ~ Keep candles away from any flammable objects or materials or out of reach of children or pets.

Odorless Wax Candles come in a tall pillar glass holder double sided screened design with a clean burning lead free cotton wick.

Candle measures 8 inches tall (220mm) x 2.25 inches wide (57mm)

Burning time is approximately 140 hours- which is why they are called 7 day candles as you can burn them for up to 24 hours for 7 days.