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A fantastic and brightly coloured Indian Kantha Bedspread, Quilt. Handmade from Cotton using traditional techniques this Indian Kantha bedspread is large enough to comfortably fit a double or king size bed.

Kantha is a form of embroidery and means a simple, running stitch. The stitching on the quilt give it a slightly wrinkled look, like waves on the sea!

The front of this Indian Kantha Bedspread is a rich and magnificent Purple colour with an incredible and impressive display of brightly coloured exotic flowers spread over the quilt. Whilst the back is a contrasting plain cream colour with the Kantha running stitch showing. Either side can be used and both will bring colour, style and warmth into your homes! 

his beautiful Indian Kantha Bedspread, Quilt can also be hung as a stunning tapestry/wall hanging or used to drape over furniture to add a touch of colour and personality to your rooms! 
Measurements for this handmade Indian Kantha Bedspread, Quilt are:
Length approx: 270 cm, 106 Inches
Width approx: 220 cm, 86 Inches