WOODEN Meditating Thai BUDDHA STATUE 30 cm D

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A beautiful hand carved praying Wooden Thai Buddha Statue, made from Suar Wood, a sustainable hardwood from Indonesia that is fast growing and easily replaceable.

This fantastic Wooden Thai Buddha Statue is a Meditating Buddha. His hands are in the Dhyana Mudra position, the Mudra of meditation, deep contemplation and unity with higher energy. It is the Mudra, or hand gesture the Buddha had when he was sat under the Pipal tree meditating upon enlightenment. It is the gesture still used now by Buddhists when contemplating and meditating. It is a gesture of tranquility and serenity. This Thai Wooden Buddha Statue should be placed near or facing the main entrance to your home or workplace where it can radiate positivity, happiness and love and dispel negative energies entering your lives.

This beautiful Thai Wooden Buddha statue has been personally hand made under strict Fair Trade Guidelines. The detail is breathtaking and achieved using traditional methods with no power tools or machinery.

This Thai Wooden Buddha Statue can be polished easily to a high gloss. Would suit any traditional or contemporary room setting, an ideal gift for a family member or friend on any occasion.

This wooden Buddhas Statues Measurements are:
Height approx: 30 cm, 12 Inches
Width approx: 26 cm, 10. 1/4 Inches