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A fantastic Meditating Buddha Tea Light, Candle Holder. Made from Resin, this stunning Buddha Tea Light Candle Holder is hand painted, his robes are White and he's finished in a spectacular Golden finish.
This wonderful Meditating Golden Buddha Tea Light, Candle Holder sits in the Lotus position with his hands together in the Namaskara Mudra, a mudra of greeting and adoration. The greeting is expressed in the form of a prayer from the heart of the Buddha to you.
This Meditating Buddha Tea Light Candle Holder will look perfect in your homes, on your shelves and mantlepieces, the Tea Light or Candle gently flickering away, illuminating your homes as the Buddha illuminates our lives.
As each Tea light is hand made individually, the colouring of each Buddha will vary very slightly vary.

Measurements for this Meditating Buddha Tea Light Candle Holder are:
Height approx: 18 cm, 7 Inches
Diameter approx: 10 cm, 4 Inches